Challenge: round and round in circles

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Re: Challenge: round and round in circles

123val wrote:

Thanks, very useful advice.

Having read all the posts/advice this past week .... and thanks everyone for that...

I think I'm leaning to the 4/3 camera as a starting point. This will allow me to start learning about the different functions, and I'm much more likely to take it places with me due to the weight. If its something that I decide I'd like to take much more seriously .... then I'd look to upgrade the entire system

Sounds like you're moving out of your orbit. Good for you!

BTW, I assume by "4/3 camera" you mean a Micro Four Thirds camera, not a Four Thirds camera; those are two different things. You'll see mft, MFT, m43, u43, micro43, and probably a few other ways to abbreivate it, but they all mean the same thing. I mention this because it can be confusing while shopping for gear.

Here's a link that explains m43 and 4/3 if you spend some time on the site:

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