Canon 17-55mm focusing issues

Started Mar 15, 2011 | Discussions thread
ERR99 New Member • Posts: 13
Re: yep

loafer wrote:

It also could be the AF unit and not the IS one. In 15 years of owning canon equipment I have had 3 in-warrantee repairs and 2 out-of-warantee ones.

You are a lucky man. I own 6 years canon DSLR camera equipment, and i had 2 defect bodys and 3 defective lenses. 4 repairs was in-warrantee, 1 out-of-waranty. How ever, if the 17-55 IS is a "older" one (like mine) it could be the known problem with the broken ribbon cable. Canon fixed this problem (silently) during production lifetime, so newer version does not have this problem anymore. Unfortently, the cable can not be replaced simply, the complete IS unit has to been replaced. So if the lens is out of warrentee, it will cost a lot to get it fixed...

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