Best compact for children and indoor photos?

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Re: Best compact for children and indoor photos?

storeybook wrote:

most of you have all impressed us with yer knowledge...and still think yer missing the point...hard to put a basic DSLR in yer shirt pocket or coffee holder in the car... i, too, have a DSLR and love it when i go out to specifically shoot macro shots for my paintings...but, i am ALSO looking for a compact p&s to 'carry between 2fingers' small enuf to slip in my 'pocket' i, too, dont miss alot of shots driving into town....i've been told canon SX210 or LUMIX ZS5K...true i will continue to read on to hear what opinions come up re: compact P&S..

I bought a S95 as my "carryaround" and travel camera when I don't want to bring a DSLR. The issue with the OP's request is that there is no magical setting for moving kids indoors. Use of a flash means focus and slow response (missed shot). Even with a f2.0 lens, blur will happen in just about every AUTO or scene setting. It's a hit or miss.

The best option is to learn a bit about Av and Tv modes (with ISO of course). Failing that, I would prefer a DSLR in AUTO versus a P&S in AUTO. I think you'd get a higher percentage of keepers with a DSLR kit (focus speed and higher ISO performance).

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