To invest or not: 14-35mm, 35-100mm. Or prepare for future mFT system?

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To invest or not: 14-35mm, 35-100mm. Or prepare for future mFT system?

Hello, I'm currently considering buing the 14-35mm f2 lens (and probably 35-100mm). But they cost a lot, therefor perhaps some of you have some thoughts that can help me decide.

I have an E-3, and an E-5 on it's way (hopefully soon, even though Olympus Sweden/Norway said 3 weeks just befor the disaster in Japan), and the following lenses:
12-60mm SWD
50-200mm SWD
7-14mm f4
50mm f2
Leica 25mm f1.

Here are some considorations:

-Price (thinking about getting them a couple of hundred dollars cheaper refurbished).

-Image quality just amazing, and I can't help wanting the lenses each time I see pictures..
-DOF; beautiful, but I really don't take many portraits

-Large aperture; with the E-5 perhaps I will finally be happy with taking indoor pictures in low/poor light.

-Size/weight; 14-35 is not that different from 12-60. 35-100 on the other hand, this will probably not leave home if I'm going by car. Also, in a couple of years, perhaps a mFT will be my main system (see below).

-Range; I use 12mm alot on the 12-60, and it will take some time to get used to only 14mm. For the same reason, and because it's has a brilliant range (when I only want to take one lens) I won't sell my 12-60. I might sell my 25mm f1.4, but it's always nice to have options, even though f1.4 is hard to use (unless I have good time/still subject, which I rearly have). I will probably wish for the 35-100mm to be able to focus closer on detail/"makro" than possible..

-And last, and perhaps most important: The future - Save the money for future hybrid system?

As I mentioned, in a couple of years perhaps a hybrid system is my main system due to weight/size. this will probably happen when the speed (AF) and quality (also of the lenses, incl ISO/large aperture) is good enough for my needs - and as several people do already, use the hybrid system more than the big main system (also other brands/FF). mFT is probably going to be the system for me due to compability with my FT lenses (and as it has the most lenses/cameras to choose from). And will we see more FT-cameras at all (with or without mirror) ?

Then, on the other hand, I read somewhere that the pro guys like the big SHG F2 lenses for shooting movies.. Perhaps I will take up video-making (I also reacently bought a Contour action "helmet"camera).

My use is a bit spread, for example:
-Some "studio" work with elinchrom flashes (of cars for used car ads)

-A lot "action" in the woods with ATV, but often a compact is the only choice (due to the need for getting it in/out quicly from the inner jacket pocket).
-Some cars on track and shows (mostly outdoor in good light)
-Some of small fast running dogs

-Other social occations indoor, and also action like snowboard, snowmobile, bicycling..

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