Replacing 7d with 5dmarkii

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Re: Brighter viewfinder in the 7D?

Darren is right.

I too have both right now as well. The 5D II was a bit of an impulse buy when I had some cash a few months back. I don't regret buying it. It's fantastic for indoors and low light photography. To finally feel that I could take pictures without flash and not have to pick an aperture that left me with too small of a DOF is fantastic. But I already had a few primes that I tend to use in those situations rather than a zoom.

As you said, it's not all plusses for the FF in comparing the two cameras. I sold my 10-22 and 17-55 2.8 IS in the "upgrade". I knew I had the 5D and my primes for low light so I couldn't justify keeping them. Now I'm buying the 17-40 for wide angle soon. I just can't justify that 16-35 L price when I'll be using 90% of the time outdoors. The 7D and EFS zooms were great. But if you want to shoot indoors without a flash, you'll still need to shoot with primes or go too high in the ISO on the 5D II in many situations. And I still have my 7D, as I use it for outdoor sports for the reach,pixel density, and superior buffer and shutter speed.

If I were to do it over today, I'd wait till the 5D III comes out, even if it is another 6 to 8 months. Buy a couple of primes like the 35L and an 85L or 1.8 and then save for the next body. You'll still love them on your 7D and you'll really love them on your 5DIII! Unless money is no concern, buy primes and save for your FF body.

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