No camera ever has made a bad photographer a good one.

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Re: No camera ever has made a bad photographer a good one.

To my mind it's harder to take a true candid shot with an 'LCD only' camera than one with a viewfinder (unless perhaps you have a swivel screen and can 'hide' the camera body).

It's all in the technique you use and holding LCD only bodies either at arms length or elbows braced is a hindrance as is shutter lag and slow AF.

With a 'proper' digital camera (viewfinder) you can prefocus and shoot quicker and less obtrusively and catch the moment before the subject even realises they have been 'caught'.

You just need to look at the quality of the average digital/viewfinder bodies compared to those from point n shoot images - they're consistently better (particularly composition wise).


Jeff Charles wrote:

Tee1up wrote:

... People wandering around trying to take pictures (at arms length) without a viewfinder will always struggle with composition and focus.

I shot for many years with viewfinder equipped cameras. Now, I use both those and LCD only cameras. It is very possible to frame and autofocus well with an LCD. Also, you are not required to hold it at arms length. Elbows braced at your side give good stability. That said, I do still prefer a viewfinder most of the time, but not always.

Cameras with no viewfinder tend to be lower end junk or really expensive junk.

A Panasonic LX5 is lower end junk? A Leica X1 is expensive junk?

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