Upgrade from a desktop to a laptop?

Started Mar 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
DFRanco New Member • Posts: 6
And what's the not-so-simple answer?

Bob Collette wrote:

Roger, if you're asking will upgrading your current computer from Win XP (I assume you're running XP) to Win7 speed it up, the simple answer is no.

I'm not so sure of that. When I first upgraded from XP to 7, my main computer had very similar specs to those given in the OP - Athlon64x2 5600, 4GB RAM. I did not do any detailed measurement or timing, but there was no doubt that 7 seemed faster. Not blow-me-away faster, but definitely noticeable. The most obvious difference, of course, was that 7 boots in less than half the time, and that may have affected the perception. Also, since 7 forces a clean install over XP, I was comparing a fresh install with one getting a bit long in the tooth.

And seeing what Roger calls "old," I guess I'm glad he can't see the computer I'm using for this post (P4/1.8) ... and even gladder he can't see me.

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