XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Re: XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

Crazy_M wrote:

I've had my XZ-1 grip for a couple of days now so I thought I'd offer my opinions on it for those sitting on the fence.

  • The fit and finish is perfect. There is no other word for it. There are no gaps or lips or anything to get caught up.

  • In practice it make NO discernible increase to the camera bulk. As you can see the lens even in the closed position is absolutely dwarfs it.

  • The amount of additional grip it offers is surprising. I cant imagine going back to without it. I was initially on the fence because the XZ-1 handles okay out of the box, but I had wondered if it could be improved because the weight of the lens creates a noticeable torque in your hand. With the grip on I can hook my middle finger securely around it and there is a major increase in stability when hand-holding.

So if you think your naked XZ-1 feels like its missing something I can 100% recommend the Franiec grip. If you think the XZ-1 is fine as it is then you had better not try one with a grip - you really wont want to go back! Richard is a great guy to deal with and this seemingly insignificant add-on really makes a good camera great.

Now, if only I could persuade him to make a slim aluminium auto-cap then my XZ-1 would be complete!

Just got mine today and thought I'd share a few initial impressions as well.

First of all let me say that I agree 100% with Crazy_M. The grip is fantastic.

Very professional and has a perfect grip-y"feel" to it.

One of the first things I noticed when I got the camera was that it was pretty awkward to hold and I couldn't quite get it comfortable. A large part of that is due to the torque present from the large lens. The only way I was able to get it to work was to hold the camera primarily with my left hand. I got used to having to hold it this way (and hot potatoe back and forth between hands), but the grip fixes the issue allowing me to navigate the camera with greater ease and comfort.

It creates a natural "pocket" for my fingers to fit in to. I expected it to help while holding the camera verticle for portrait shots, but surprisingly it pushes my middle finger under the barrel and helps while holding it normally as well.

Despite being made from aluminum, it's surprisingly light.

Much better than sticking velcro on for grip (and easier to clean BBQ sauce off of :P).

I'd recommend this to anyone on the fence. Just buy it, you won't regret it.

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