Does this look like front focusing to you?

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OP JolieO Veteran Member • Posts: 4,812
It depends on which camera I am using...

...and what I am shooting. For sitting birds, with the D90/D5000 and my Olympus DSLRs I always used single point AFS. With the D7000, I use AFC with 9 point dynamic and 'AF On' because it works better for some unknown reason.

On the rarer occasions when I'm trying to shoot flying birds, I use AFC and some quantity of dynamic points. Yesterday I was using 39 points on the D7000 with some pretty good results. Nothing worth showing. Mostly practice learning 'AF On'. The D7000 AF is very different from anything I've ever used.

You should probably ask this question at your specific camera forum because all of these AF systems seem to be slightly different.

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