OT Sendai / Earthquake/Tsunami?

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Although my family lives in an other part of Japan, we have friends living in Sendai, they work at the Nikon plant. Happily everything is okay with them. For them there is however loss in relatives, friends, colleagues who lost family etc. This is all besides the enormous loss of material damage. There is mostly no infrastructure anymore, to help people, to get things running up again etc. I know personally that Japanese have enormous strength both mentally and physically to get things up again and stay strong, but what an incredible disaster this is.

As I messaged some here a couple of weeks earlier. I was scheduled to go to Japan the 21st in relation to new product. Probable will postpone it. If I go I will probable go to help friends in Iwate, they have a lot of damage to their house which can be repaired by hand. Many focus (here) due to the news on Sendai and direct area but Iwate prefecture is terrible damage as well, also inland


tarnish wrote:

and this will remain true for quite a while. First things first.

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