First impression on 60D

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First impression on 60D

In case you are considering to upgrade you current equipment, I hope my first impression helps you to have a clearer view of the 60D.

Two days ago I have bought the Canon 60D, upgrading from my older 400D after three years of intensive use.

Excited, with the 60D I took a few shots the same evening.

Then yesterday I took it for a day-long trip with the family to my parents'. I paired it with the 50mm F1.8 since I would have mainly taken shots of my little girl/parents and the day was pretty dim (rainy) so we'd end up staying indoors.

The grip is OK for my hand, which is not particularily big. My thumb would have liked some more room between the mid upper buttons.
Well this kind of problem is something I was expecting; I will need to adjust.

On the other hand (pun), the things I will find extremely hard to adjust to are the shutter noise, the round multi-control wheel and the overall feeling of owning a cheap camera (repeat CHEAP, if not worse).

The noise the shutter makes is a tad loud, but bearable. The type of noise however, is anything but a shutter. You have the impression something is broken and flaps about, like a bit of flat plastic slammed on a desk.

It is horrid. It does not give you the impression you are taking pictures, but rather scanning the ocean-bed. At times, while you shoot, you think you are holding a box: a black cardboard box, semi-empty. Certainly not a cool new piece of equipment. This is especially true when shooting in bursts.

The dial-wheel (i.e. outer ring) is ok. Not big enough for my finger, but I can live with the constrain.

The inner 8-direction button is PAINFUL. My thumb went sore by the end of the afternoon. I found myself wanting to put the camera down.
It has never happened to me with any other camera.

The marks on the button hurt after a while. Why do I need to hurt myself while using a camera? It's not a guitar. It should be designed better (as other models are).

The plastic materials are probably better than other ones, but although they feel solid and creek-less, the overall impression goes back to one word: CHEAP.

Before downloading the pictures on the computer I seriously considered taking the camera back to the shop and get a Nikon D7000, trading in all my three lenses.

The I saw the pics and videos and I changed my mind. I will try to live with the uneasiness and discomfort.

But it may not last. Some time has passed and I think the gap in picture quality from my 400D may be easily found in other models/brands nowadays.

So, probably, as soon as my pockets allow me, the 60D may go.

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