Fastest Card to use in Powershot G12?

Started Mar 13, 2011 | Discussions thread
Vipre77 Regular Member • Posts: 254
Re: Fastest Card to use in Powershot G12?

I recently picked up an 8GB card rated at Class 10 at Best Buy for $25 on sale. It was the same price as many of their Class 4 and 6 cards. Shop around and you can find faster cards rated at the same or similar speeds as the cheaper cards. If the cost is the same, there isn't much reason not to go with the faster card regardless of what the camera's specs are. When you have several gigabytes of data on there to dump onto your computer, the faster read speeds can be quite handy. It also helps if you ever browse photos directly on the card without transferring them over. I do this sometimes on my Playstation 3 where I'll pop the card in to check out the photos on my 40" TV in my living room. Having a faster card is a god-send when doing this because it can take forever to generate the thumbnails with a slower card.

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