I actually LIKE harsh bokeh, anyone with me?

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Re: I actually LIKE harsh bokeh, anyone with me?

I believe "good bokeh" is up to personal taste. The picture I posted was taken by a Tokina AF210 II at 210mm, f5,6 (using a S5 of course). Looking at the photo then I think that the bokeh is not that bad for a lens that once cost about 150 quid. When I bought that lens it was quite expensive for me and this lens has quite some flaws (it broke down within a year of service, it seems to have a circular impressions, in a doted way, on one lens element, the focus is dreadfully slow etc). But I am very happy with it because it still serves me ok pictures in environments where I wouldn't use my latest gear.

Now, looking at the X100: the lens has flaws as well because there is a point when a compromise needs to be set. But the lens offers things that my AF210 can't do. No f2, no nine-bladed aperture, no zoom, but more important the camera has already character that many people anticipate.

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