Congratulations to Dr. Eric Fossum

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Re: Congratulations to Dr. Eric Fossum

The QIS is a revolutionary step and sometimes revolutions don't succeed. There are certain advantages to the QIS concept but I am not sure they are compelling at this time. Besides, QIS implementation is a good 5 years+ away and maybe something better will come along or maybe the CMOS APS will have progressed so far that there is no remaining advantages of the QIS.

The QIS puts the image formation process into the digital domain so that pixel boundaries (X,Y, t) can be arbitrarily adjusted, retroactively if need be. Also, motion tracking by XY shift and digital integration can be more readily performed. The digital film algorithm, previously discusses is one way the QIS would be applicable to photography by returning grain concepts and D log H exposure properties.

So, for now, you can just count on incremental progress. The progress is still pretty rapid so even incremental progress over a few years looks like giant strides forward. The CMOS APS is probably good for a 100Mpixels at the consumer level, maybe more, with the usual trade off between pixel SNR, DR, and resolution effects on IQ. WDR(HDR, XDR) and global shutter functions may appear in the next few years in DSLRs. Fast frame readout opens the door for lots of fun post processing.

I do expect to see some 3D capability inserted down the road as there is already research going on for RGBZ kernels (one pixel used for range finding). This is challenging and product development will depend on consumer pull. I don't expect much pull from this community but for better or worse, this community has never had much impact on sensor technology development compared to consumers at large.

Thanks for asking!

On a different note, Steve Sasson is also being inducted at the same time as me. He is credited with inventing the self-contained digital still camera at Kodak. I am surprised that DPR did not at least pick up that part as news. Maybe they have been cutting costs or something and don't have the people to report news any more??? Or maybe it just was below the newsworthy threshold????

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