NEX 5 versus Nikon D200

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Re: NEX 5 versus Nikon D200

I do have a D200 and got a used Nex 3 body as lightweigt alternative. Both are great cameras. Both cameras show their full potential only with RAW files. And here lies the problem to compare them next to each other. I use Capture NX and View NX for Nikon, and Lightroom 2.7 and DNG converted NEX files with the Nex 3.

-The NEX advantage is a bigger file.
-Much better high ISO than the D200
-Better dynamic range.
-Live view, I absolutely love it.

-The foldable LCD screen is great for shooting low to the ground. It is ok in the sun.

-The great advantage to beeing able to adapt about any Lens to the mirrorless body. There are plenty of great and cheap Leica R, Zeiss/Contax and Olympus lenses out.

With good lenses it is a perfect and lightweight alternative for a hike. I never used a D3 for comparison.

You can certainly get razor sharp images with the NEX. Live View definitely helps here. The only lenses I use with the NEX body are good Nikon and Nikon mount Lenses and my Nikon converted Leica Summicron-R 50mm 2.0. Never used the Sony/NEX lenses. The adapter I use, also allows the use of Nikon G lenses. It can control the aperture by turning a ring to left or right. Very crude but better than nothing.

I would not be surprised to see the Sony 24mp sensor in a Sony NEX series body before we see it in a portable (not D3x sized) Nikon. I wish I could use CaptureNX 2 and ViewNX with my Nik filters to work on NEX raw files.

Get a Nex 3/5 body only and give it a try.

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