XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Richard Franiec
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Just to clarify a few things...

photo perzon wrote:

It was great for the Canon S90, a completely slippery finish.

But I never put it on my S95, which had a finish.

For some users it is the boxy shape without any protrusion making handling a challenge. For others, it does not matter regardless of finish. Personally, I like to carry around my S95 or XZ-1 hanging from the tips of my fingers without the need of squeezing it. A lot less stress and fatigue for prolonged use.Try to do this same with the "naked" cam and you'll know why.

To remove the grip from the S90 took the floss, and it left industrial strength adhesive marks which finally came off the smooth finish ... but I do not see how it could come off a textured finish...it is a forever, unless you chemically take it out.

When testing, I put the grip on the camera and then remove it a hundreds of times. Sometimes the adhesive leaves some stubborn residue which is relatively easy to remove by rolling it off with the ball of the thumb. I've never had the need to use chemicals to help cleaning the residue, however if such need arises, I would recommend the drop of WD-40 a multipurpose lubricant.

Adhesive used for the grip is very powerful as it should be but totally safe for the camera finish regardless of the texture. There is no possibility of permanent marring of the camera or grip finish due to chemical reaction between adhesive and the camera body/grip.

I do not think a textured camera needs it. One day I hope to compare.

I don't want to assume that you recommend against the grip without even testing and comparing first?

It also does make the camera look larger, depending on the angle. In a tight pouch, it also can get in the way of the zipper closing.

Being a low profile, at 20 grams (slightly more than half ounce), the grip does not add any significant bulk to the camera. However, I agree, if someone is thinking of custom fitted leather case, the grip could interfere with fit. For the great majority of belt and other camera pouches, jeans, jacket and cargo pockets, grip or not makes no difference in fit but provides something to grab on when pulling the camera out.

For the Canon S90 it was great. I think the white XZ-1 needs it and it might look great with the black lens and the black grip! How about a picture of the White XZ-1 and the grip.

I would like to see the black grip on white XZ-1 myself.



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