XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Re: I do not recommend the grip

photo perzon wrote:

It was great for the Canon S90, a completely slippery finish.

But I never put it on my S95, which had a finish.

To remove the grip from the S90 took the floss, and it left industrial strength adhesive marks which finally came off the smooth finish ... but I do not see how it could come off a textured finish...it is a forever, unless you chemically take it out.

Personally whenever I remove any adhesive I use a solvent. Isopropyl alcohol, methylates spirits, turpentine, petrol.. pretty well any solvent you can name will remove the residue.

I do not think a textured camera needs it. One day I hope to compare.

For me its wasnt the texture, it the unadorned sahpe that was the problem. I wanted a finger hook

It also does make the camera look larger, depending on the angle. In a tight pouch, it also can get in the way of the zipper closing.

I do have a tight pouch, and for me it made zero difference. I'm interested in what pouch has a zip in front of the grip side of the body?

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