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Just downloaded explorer 9 and it seems like a winner, every function is a lot faster, I hope it ends up safe.

If you think IE-9 is fast..Try Chrome 10.

Chrome? No thanks. That browser has so few settings and options, it seems designed to track what you are surfing to and really meant for internet dummies.

Chrome for Internet dummies? That is why I probably prefer it, it's simple and fast. I have no problem if they track where I surf, they may find it quite boring. I thought all browsers tracked you (unless you went incognito, which Chrome allows you to do).

Google wants to track their users because they provide ads to those that use their search engine. Google makes a browser AND is a search engine - so they have a vested interest in tracking what their users do to tailor ads to that user to get better results for their paying ad clients.

I would think the same thing would apply to Microsoft & Bing?
Not sure who Firefox is teamed up with?

Most likely it is designed for Google's netbook operating system which is said to be just a web browser for those that only use their netbook for email (via web browser) and web surfing because it won't have any other programs or ability to add. Just a browser. So what's the point of having a netbook if you just have a browser? None. Get a smart phone instead. Big mistake by Google. Google seems to be on a slight decline.

I have wondered why IE has such a large following. I had thought that many are like my friends who just don't like "Change". They use the browser that came with their PC. I have Chrome, Firefox and IE all the latest versions, Still I prefer Chrome. Generally the age of the user affects which browser they use. I notice more technology using people will gravitate away from IE to FireFox or possible Chrome, while older users of computers stay with what came with their computer: IE.

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