Setting ISO value through viewfinder (60D and 600D)

Started Mar 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
David Burren Regular Member • Posts: 391
Re: Setting ISO value through viewfinder (60D and 600D)

This is normal, but I do wish it wasn't.

On my cameras (including 7D) the ISO button is shared with flash EC (move the front dial for one, the rear dial for the other) and the flash EC indicator underneath uses the meter segments for its display. Almost every time I use this I wish that actually WAS the meter, although if I'm adjusting the ISO less than 2 stops I basically know how much I'm going to move it beforehand.

If for example the camera's in ISO 6400 and I've come out of a cathedral into an overcast day I might want to move it to 200 or 400. It's far enough that the meter wouldn't give me that indication beforehand. It's not unusual for me to tweak the ISO a 2nd time after I've checked the meter.

I think this would only make sense in Manual mode, but that's what I use 99% of the time...

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