XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing

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Re: XZ-1 Richard Franiec grip = Amazing ... Question?

Aloha from Maui,

I must concur with "meanwhile" as I have three of Richard's fine products. I have his grips on both my Sigma DP1 and DP2 cameras. They have worked well for me in terms of added grip, security and handling. I also have his cable release bracket for these cameras and it is a joy to use.

I just ordered the new grip for my recent XZ-1 purchase and look forward to the improved grip and hand positioning that this will provide.

I have also had very positive communications with Richard in the past and he is a true gent to deal with. Can't wait to see what he will come up with next for the XZ-1 but I'm sure it'll be on my short list of additional things to get.

Oly XZ-1
Oly C8080WZ
Sigma DP1,DP2
Fuji F20

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