GH2 Wide Angle .45x Converter WORKS GREAT!

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Samples from the Olympus WCON-07C.

I just got the WCON-07c and went out for a test run.... (I heard good stuff about this one over them all - and it was a full £200 lens normaly - I got it for £50)

Had to super glue a 40.5-52mm filter adaptor to the back of the WA lens to make it fit on my E-P1 kit lens....

Few things to note:

Super glue with loads of ventalation and absolute minimum possible layer of glue - you dont want fume depsots on the lens! - but do it like this and all will be ok!

Second: This lens is (way) too heavy for the kit focus motor!!!!

Don't use AF - you can use MF but you have to twist fastish as this fast turn engages full power to the focus motor rather than a little step... but you will still need to help it by either tilting the camera up or down depending on the direction!

I finaly thought sod it and just grab the lens and twist gently against the motor - As a normal old MF lens - it has a cutout function like a CD draw and won't burn out, also it is position aware so can not be set wrong if the motor loses step sync - but I do this at my own risk and don't advise it rather present it as a possibility! (one that makes this setup slighty usable in a faster way)...

So... nuff talk hear are the results:

This first one is as close as I could go flat on to the grass...

Landscape - note the fade out at the corners - If I file down the 40.5-52 convertor I could get the WA lens about 2mm closer to the front of the kit lens - this should remove all the fadeout... i hope

Keeps the lines quite straight... not much distortion 8.5/10 for this i'de say


The chap on the hill was only about 12m away! - this is 20mm equiv.

detailed lanscape

Nice CA and sharpness test shot... not beyond use with a slight crop - say a usable 22mm!

Over all I'm fairly happy - not a 9-18 replacement but am finding that the amount of use I would get from the 9-18 might be less than I first though - I did find myself coming back to the 28-84 equiv. range quit alot! - I think for the price it does work admaribly well and extend your range into an area you just cannot go without normaly shelling out £££.... If your not shaw about WA this is deffinatly somthing to try for just a few £ to see if you like it or would use it as much as you might think?!

The oly WCON-07 overall ide say 7/10... not dissapointing... just not as good as you might wish - but what is eh

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