OT Sendai / Earthquake/Tsunami?

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Re: OT Sendai / Earthquake/Tsunami?

I'm pretty sure what Nikon said was that no workers were hurt during the shifts AT the plant.

With up to 1000 people killed and many more injured, you can imagine that some and their families were directly affected if they lived near the coast. Many will be homeless. Everyone will know lots of people who have been killed during this disaster. Yes it's nice that the plant was safe and all in it at the time, but this story is just being told, unfortunately.

Here's hoping for the best.

Guy Moscoso

Alejandro Daz del Ro Fery wrote:
No problems as Nikon rumors.


My thoughts & prayers are with the Japanese people.

CamasJC wrote:

Anyone know how the Nikon/Sendai plant/people did?

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