Pro9000 MkII feed problems

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A simple solution to note for future!

It is a simple case of build-up of paper dust on the pickup feed roller (there is only one - about an inch wide), located down inside the feed area at far right. Has nothing to do with cartridges whatsoever. I am surprised (well, perhaps not really!) that the "technician" was not aware of this simple procedure. Sending cleaning sheets through does not remove the build-up, which requires several wipes working around the roller surface to solve the problem. I have done this on both Canon and Epson printers over many years - easy to do, once you locate the roller, even though it would be much easier if some provision for accessing the feed roller had been designed into the printers from the inception.

If you put some soft cotton cloth over finger and feel down in area mentioned, you can (with even just a little water to dampen the cloth) carefully sideways wipe the roller, moving also slightly "around" each time to thus attack an "unattacked" part of the surface. Do that for a couple of minutes, changing the cloth area and it will resolve the problem. It is a bit awkward at first but you soon learn how to more easily tackle this task.

Anyone with a laser printer will be familiar with the need to remove dust from the pickup roller this way. Anyway - you gained a new printer but bear this cleaning technique for the future. In general, the plastic photo type papers do not produce much dust, although they do collect dust as when a sheet is removed from the pack, it gets static electricity just from the removal process. Other papers may well suffer from normal dust on surface, hence will build up the roller surface with dust fairly quickly.


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