GH2 Vaporware?

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Re: GH2 Vaporware?

cmvsm wrote:

Getting to the point where I don't really believe that this camera is ever coming to the US in major online retailers. It's sad as it was previewed on this site way back in September of last year.

By the time it does see light, if it ever does in the US, it will be time to update it again as the other competitors will have already gone through a production evolution.

Panasonic seems to have a nice lead in this category, but looks as if they are carelessly giving that lead away with incompetent distribution and failed promises in manufacturing. Too bad, as I was looking to get my hands on one.

Some of us in the US have the GH2. As I've mentioned before on this forum, I ordered from Adorama at the beginning of December. They got some of the cameras in and shipped to me on December 15. The key is that you need to PREORDER. Adorama will not charge your card until they get it in and ship it to you. Why there are so many people here that continue to complain, yet do not pre-order is beyond me. If you want the camera, place your order and get in the queue. Show some patience and you will eventually get the camera. I know that the real fault is with Panasonic, but if you want a great camera, you need to hang in there with a pre-order.


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