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What do you find limiting with your current lens ?

jfayard wrote:

... Canon Rebel XTi. I've got the basic 18-55mm IS lens on it now, but I am looking to expand my collection. I have been researching different lenses, and am absolutely OVERWHELMED. I have no idea which lens would be the best for me to step up to.

OK, what do you want to do, that you can't do (or find difficult), with your current lens ?

The EF-S 18-55mm IS is an excellent all-rounder, it goes from reasonably wide to a good portrait length, it has IS, it's optically pretty good, and it focuses very close (for a lens of it's class).

Now, there are lots of things that it doesn't do well, but it doesn't sound like those are things you want to do.

You mention macro, now, the 18-55mm IS will focus down to about 1:3 magnification, this will fill the frame with a subject about 66mm x 45mm - which is plenty for most butterflies (and other large insects). Only if you want to go for much smaller subjects than this will you need a "real" macro lens.

The 18-55mm will do flowers as well (although not very small ones, or the details of parts of flowers), and is quite reasonable for landscapes.

Here are some close-ups with shot with either the original 18-55mm kit lens, or the newer IS variant :


So, where is your current kit holding you back ? Oh, and an idea of budget would help people make sensible suggestions.

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