Questions about buying 5d mkII now vs mkIII later

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munro harrap
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Re: Questions about buying 5d mkII now vs mkIII later

I bought one and returned it in less than 24 hours ten days ago, because

1 The 5D Mark II is a very noisy machine.

2 Any attempts to reduce noise fail , no matter what software you use, (and DPP doesnt do much) UNLESS you are happy to lose all the fine detail you paid all that money to get in the first place, AND

3. Accept that all fine detail is smoothed out of existence by the camera in low contrast areas anyway. AND that all this will be forever a part of any video work you do, even if you buy a 24-70 f2.8 to raise light levels, and accept then that it suffers from serious field curvature problems that cannot be fixed. And its optics make people look like flattened perspective cardboard cutouts, AND its not sharp until you are stopped down past f4.5 anyway!!

10(?) That this lens, and any zoom lens of its type has distortions, serious distortions , and colour fringing that remain forever in video.

I have used Canon gear since I too was at college, and fell for Canon's advertised claims." the best image quality of any Canon DSLR" LIARS!!!

A 1Ds MkII is better- no noise to speak of at 400iso if it still works properly, and its waterproof and dustproof and lasts forever.

The 1Ds MkIII at 400 has a gridlike noise pattern ( at least on the one I tried) that you cannot get rid of, but does not smooth out detail.

I would wait until the next one, just because whats there now is faulty: its expensive junk.

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