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Quickie info re: Greyscale

If you do not click the GrEyscale (or GrAyscale if using USA "English") in the Printer's Properties area, even with a Greyscale B+W mode image file, the printer will use all the colours, including Black, to make a pseudo Black result.

It's a bit like many printers used for text (mostly older ones) where black text was achieved by using all the colours, not the black ink at all - that would happen if the black ink ran out, as in those days (may still be true of some printers, like office type HP ones I believe) where printer still works but with no black, runs all the colours to try and simulate black. An expensive way to deplete the colour inks, of course.

I have a small office HP all-in-one that has two cartridges (I refill as only for text work) and if the black shows empty, can print "black text" as it uses all three colours to do that. It works OK - I use only for some jobs - but text generally is a little bit fuzzy at edges on paper less than 100gsm weight and quality and it is totally hopeless at feeding anything other than office type 80-100gsm paper. That also seems to apply to current HP all-in-ones too. The paper feed path in most A4 HP printers is attrocious.


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LINK: For B+W with Epson 1400 (and other models) using black ink only:

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