DX lens has more reach than FX.

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Re: True... but it comes down to the resolution of the camera.

Exactly. It's a question of resolution, not some fuzzy "reach"-concept. DX cameras generally has higher pixel density than FX ones, meaning that the automatic image cropping that happens due to the smaller sensor size will have higher resolution. However, with it's higher pixel density and smaller photosites the DX camera is prone to other problems, which may or may not overshadow the benefit of the pixel density and become more apparent as you crop. This is of course (or should be) old news, especially if you have ever compared Canon to Nikon bodies. Oh, and for those of you who haven't realised it yet, the D7000 is currently by a 33% margin Nikon's highest resolution camera.

But one more thing. If you took a D3 with 24mp and a D200 with only 10mp and took the same picture and the D3 produces a 10mp image, in that case, the d200 does not have more reach.

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