Canon capable of putting sharp lens on an Elph these days?

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Re: Canon capable of putting sharp lens on an Elph these days?

Okay, I know said I wasn't going to bother with this thread any longer. If you're truly looking for advice, you did the following things wrong:

1. You seem to expect quality on par with a class of camera that is, at a minimum, in the next tier of devices. This is like expecting a Rebel series SLR to compete with a full-frame camera.

2. Not only are these cameras in a different league in terms of sensors, but so is the glass feeding light to those sensors. You expect a cam with a cheap tiny lens to compete with an interchangeable lens system with big expensive glass (relatively speaking)? The A series is Canon's bottom of the barrel offering.

3. You then apparently go out of your way to put the Canon nearly at the worst possible position to compete by shooting at the widest aperture, widest zoom angle, and cropped from the worst area of the frame for this class of camera. But then you put the Oly at very different zoom range. I don't recall if you stated what aperture the Oly shot was taken with.

4. You've already dismissed anything else in the Canon line-up arbitrarily, including the very good S90. Take a look around at the samples frequently posted around the forum to see what the s90/s95 can do in terms of sharpness and contrast. Barrel distortion can still be a problem, but that's a different defect/side-effect than what you've illustrated. Even with these cams, it's still silly to expect comparable optical performance from a MUCH smaller lens to a m4/3 lens.

5. There are plenty of pocketable cams in the S series, which are generally a step up from the A series. If you want to constrain yourself to the worst of their offerings, then you'll have to live with mediocre results. If you want something comparable to the m4/3 cams, canon doesn't make one. Your Canon options are S series, G series, or the entry-level Rebels. My wife's old SD870 IS makes perfectly usable images that hold their own well enough compared to newer cams in its class. Is there a reason you needed the latest model? This market has been stagnant enough that the models from last year or even the year before that are still perfectly serviceable, except possibly for HD video, and you can buy them dirt cheap.

Basically, the fact that you're parading around these pics, taken under such circumstances, and saying, "Look how crappy Canon is compared to my precious E-PL1" is insulting. Come back when you feel like comparing comparable cameras using the same shooting conditions for each. I don't deny that the lenses on the A series cams are not very good or that Canon hasn't had quality control problems on their lower equipment tiers the last couple of years, but bottom line is you get what you pay for. At least give them a fair shake and compare to something in the same league before making such claims.

Also, I stand by the assertion that the Oly crop you provided is ridiculously over-sharpened. It's really no better than the blurry mess in the other shot. Ignorant I may be, but I don't have the audacity to try and convince anyone about lens quality using such poor evidence/arguments.

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