Using XZ-1 with External Monitor

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Michael Meissner
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Re: Using XZ-1 with External Monitor

Allan Ostling wrote:

Michael Meissner wrote:

I don't know what Olympus does on the XZ-1, but I imagine it is similar to what it does on the Pen and E dslr cameras with live view.

Speaking of the Pen E-P2, can you identify the amazing leather half-case you have on yours? I want one.

Sure, it is an Aki-asahi case. It is more expensive than many of the run of the mill cases (but there are a few even more expensive):

I find with the E-P2 it moves my fingers up a bit, and I am less likely to dial the control dial under the 4 position pad with it. It is the only case I saw when I was looking that had an opening for the video out/shutter release.

The case did not have a tripod socket hole, so I drilled my own, and found a longer tripod screw with knurled base to attach to the body.

The legends for the 4 buttons are covered up, so you should know which each of the buttons do without having to check for the little icon. Also, the on/off button is slightly more effort to press (you can't come at the button from the side, you have to go directly down).

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