Using XZ-1 with External Monitor

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Re: Using XZ-1 with External Monitor

skiphunt13 wrote:

Is the signal going out in HD resolution? If so, does that mean we could hook an XZ-1 up to an HDD HDMI recorder like a FireStore and to direct-to-disk video recording?

Somehow I doubt it, but if you can... OH MAN!!!! The possibilities!

I don't know what Olympus does on the XZ-1, but I imagine it is similar to what it does on the Pen and E dslr cameras with live view.

On those cameras, Olympus does NOT do live view through HDMI. If you plug a HDMI cable into the camera, it immediately goes into review mode. If you plug in the RCA cable that came with the camera, you get QVGA resolution to the analogue signal (320x240 pixels), which is adequate for framing, but is not useful for direct to disk video recording.

Now, once you have remote video, the next step is often remote firing of the camera. Olympus makes it harder, since the wired shutter release uses the same cable connection as the video out, but there are ways to do this:

One way is to build a combined cable that provides both video out and shutter release. Here is one set of directions to do this:

A second way is to use a mechanical shutter release that sits above the shutter button and pushes down when you press the end. Here is such a device that I got from ebay from the seller copijohn for $25:

If you are handy, you can make your own from a film shutter release:

A third way is to use a device that includes both video out and the shutter release, and has the combined cable made. If you look on ebay for "Olympus live view control", you will see several devices made by Yongnuo, Apature, and Gigtube (the Gigtube device looks nice because it is wireless).

On my E-P2 and E-3, I use a pocket video recorder (MyMovie) by Wolverine, which was one of the few pocket video recorders that does video input. Portable DVD players, and full size camcorders also can be used.

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