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Re: t2i lens questions

cwelter wrote:

I have a t2i with the 18-55mm 3.5-5.6 kit lens. I have been looking at several different lenses for a second lens. I don't have a lot of money to spend, so any L lens is out of the question.
the lenses I am looking at is the 55-250mm is lens or the 18-135mm is lens.

The 55-250 has a longer range but I will have to carry two lenses, where the 18-135 seems to be a good walk around lens.

Also, the 18-55mm is at f5.6 when zoomed in, and the 55-250 is at f 4 at 55mm.

Will I be able to take pictures at a lower llight level at 55mm with the longer lens?
If not, why not?

Also, the 18-135mm is at f5 at 50mm. Shouldn't that be better at lower light than the kit-18-55mm at 50mm?

Thank for your input.

You're right about the lower light with the apertures. I'd suggest you get the 55-250 and just get use to the fact that you have to change lenses, it only takes a few moments. Money wise you could get the 55-250 AND a 50mm 1.8 AND about $50 change for the price of the 18-135mm. Makes perfect CENTS to me 8-)

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