Using XZ-1 with External Monitor

Started Mar 10, 2011 | Discussions thread
skiphunt13 Senior Member • Posts: 2,645
Re: Using XZ-1 with External Monitor

The manual says it sends a 1080i signal out, but it senses the resolution of the monitor and drops the output signal accordingly. The next drop in video signal output is 720P.

Does the output looks smooth in this mode? Or choppy? If smooth... is there any reason why the XZ-1 couldn't be used to record HD video direct to disk instead of being limited by the 7min cap? I'm not sure how HDD recorders like the FireStore work, but it's worth looking into if you could use a $500 point and shoot with a longish, bright f1.8 lens to record to disk at 720P or even 1080i.

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