Metz 45s vs on-camera vs bracket

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Re: Metz 45s vs on-camera vs bracket... or Metz 60 CT-4

Lots of the older flashes had very good Auto modes, still do - that 622 flash shown above has a good Auto mode too, as powerful as a 60CT, but faster recycle, especially if 5AH C cells are used rather than the 1.2AH originals.

The 45CT benefit from these type of battery improvements too. Their cellpack solution is still very good but often replaced with Quantum battery 2's. Now, these are very much surpassed by just 2700Ma AA cells.

The 60CT unfortunately stands still on battery progress. It's still slow at recycling which is it's biggest drawback.

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Samples of work:

Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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