1.4x Teleconverter or D7000?

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Re: Which lenses, and what ISO range?

Alex Booton wrote:

The point I was trying to make about the teleconverter that gives autofocus on those manual focus lenses, is that you can buy those long lenses very cheaply, and the D700 lowlight capability will make up for the stop or two of light that you lose.
Anybody know which converter it is?

With a TC-14-E II on a 70-200/2.8 VR II at 200 mm and a D700 you will be at f4 and 280 mm effective reach.

The D7000 with the same lens at 200 mm, f2.8 will have the effective reach of 300 mm x 1.15 (16 MP vs 12 MP) = 345 mm.

The FX combo will lose one stop of light so you are forced to use a one stop higher ISO speed. With the teleconverter you will lose some resolution (fine detail)especially at the edges and some minimal AF capability.

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