1.4x Teleconverter or D7000?

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Re: Which lenses, and what ISO range?

Extra reach without losing quality:

I watched the Davis Cup tennis last weekend, I was so happy with the performance of my 70-200 f2.8VR1 + TC1.4 with D700+Battery Grip, Fast AF with 8fps was on top of its game. I also have with me a D7K cam +16-85mm f3.5VR (24-127.5mm) lens. when the subject is closer to my spot, D7K gets it, when speed is needed, D700+TC1.4 gets it. I realized that at the end of the 3-day event most of shots were taken by D700+70-200+TC1.4 combo. I have tried pairing my 70-200mm with D7K but I like the performance of my D700 with same lens for this type of event. That is 1.4vs1.5 reach factor. Both cams are okey, but D700 is intirely a different kind of animal. Extremely happy with it.

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