Help! Advice / tips on the 100-400

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Re: Help! Advice / tips on the 100-400

That was a crisp and nice. Thanks a ton. Will come back to post pics.

The_cheshirecat wrote:

You seem to be off to a good start.

I have never used a 40D or been on a safari, but I have had a 100-400 for a while. This lens does not have the fastest AF, but it is good enough for most BIFs and should suffice for your trip.

  1. Set the AF limiting switch to 6.5m – this should provide a little faster AF (remember to switch to 1.8m when focusing closer.

  2. Try to keep your SS more than 2x your FL – Boost your ISO if you need to keep the SS up. This is especially important the farther you are from your subject.

  3. This lens has a reputation for being soft at the long end (400mm) – Stopping down to 7.1 or smaller usually solves that. This is not a prime lens but some become so sharp as you stop down they can almost cut.

  4. Provide proper support – use a monopod or tripod when practical. If hand held support the lens farther from the camera body than you might with other lenses. I frequently support mine from under the hood.

  5. Run some tests before you leave. Learn what ISO is acceptable for your likely purpose. You can often use something much higher than you think if you are not enlarging too much.

  6. Practice different SS and distances. Learn what your capabilities and limitations are for hand held shooting. You are likely to take lots of hand held shots, standing around and while on the move.

I hope this helps and bring back something to post

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