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Re: It's a Beta!

I've found a COOL new application for Oloneo PhotoEngine! I've been using my Canon SX30 superzoom camera for quick digitizing of my color slide collection and have found the tonal range of many of my slides cannot be captured with one exposure. For images that have value to me over saved memories I've been shooting multiple exposures like for HDR. For this dog I shot four. For others I've tried two to six, but have not yet worked with them.

This is my second try at using Oloneo to combine these copies. First impression ... Quick and Easy! Only took a few seconds to make slider adjustments that suited me. After saving the result as a JPG I then used CS5 to further edit and enhance the photo. I'm very happy with the image quality results.

With over 4,500 slides copied so far I'm also pleased at this method of converting color slides to computer files as it's QUICK and it lets me make exposure compensation adjustments on the fly, as I shoot, most often giving me a good one shot conversion. It's only on special images I'll use multiple shots and this HDR routine. If you're interested in my setup here's a link.


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