Will my old Canon Rebel G Lenses fit the Canon EOS 550D

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Re: Will my old Canon Rebel G Lenses fit the Canon EOS 550D

I have an old Canon Rebel G non digital SLR camera with the out of the box lens and a Tamron 100-300. Im planning to buy a new Canon EOS 550D, will my old lenses fit on this camera? should I just buy the body and keep my old lenses? and the final question is there a market for this old SLR cameras where I can sell it?

All canon EOS lenses will fit the new canon DSLR.

I have read a few problems about older Sigma lenses refusing to focus on new canon DSLR's, but I have not heard of problems with Tamrons.

I would buy the body with the new kit lens. The new kit lens is excellent for the price with Image Stabilization and wider at 18mm than your older lenses. For the $100 more you pay for the Kit, it really is worth it.

For selling the old gear try:




They are a good place to dump old equipment, but don't expect top dollar.

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