7D RAW files: no thumbnails in Bridge

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David Burren Regular Member • Posts: 391
Re: 7D RAW files: updated query.

marsupialM wrote:

I guess I didn't phrase my query clearly. I'm looking for any version of Bridge that will run with Elements 9 AND recognize 7D RAW files. I am currently using Elements 9 and ACR 6.3 but can't get the thumbs in Bridge.

I thought I answered this:

Bridge CS4 (which can use ACR 5.7) will show you the thumbnails, although if you edit in Camera Raw through Bridge it will be missing some of the controls in ACR 6.
Bridge CS5 will use ACR 6.3 and get the latest ACR functions, yes.

Either would work with Elements (they work with anything!). But I don't believe Bridge is available as a standalone product. You'd need to buy Photoshop or one of the Creative Suites to get Bridge CS5.

Of course Lightroom 3.3 is another option that shares the ACR 6.3 engine...

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