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Nice, Aidan. Software is definitely fun and effective. I like the way you put it. However, we should note that it is different from what an ultrawide shows and there is a good reason why people pay $1000 or more for those lenses. Stitching can help get everything inside the picture, but not with the same perspective and do not have the same distortions that are necessary to show persperctives or proportions that the eye was seeing. Something often overlooked is the viewing distance/display size of ultrawide pictures, which is critical to let viewers see the distorted parts of the UWA image to appear normal . On the other hand, stitched pictures should be mounted, also at a suitable distance and size based on the focal length used, like a cylinder or sphere around the viewer. If a stitched photo is just displayed flat, it is not right, although most people would find it "cool".

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