Sony A580- Popularity

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Sony A580- Popularity

Anyone wonder why the A580 isn't a more talked about camera, or that it isn't more popular in the Alpha community or on forums etc.?

Depsite knowing why this is, I still think it is a camera that should be more popular in the Alpha community. The A580 addresses many concerns Alpha shooters had over the last few years in a mid level body.

It's obvious what the reasons are to me, and why the A580 isn't as popular in the community.

These reasons (generally) are a degree of any of the following:

1. Saturation of the DSLR market in general
2. Owners of A500/550's thinking it's not that much of an upgrade
3. Possibly some weariness of buyers because of Sony's recent past history
4. A55 popularity
5. Waiting for A700 replacement
6. Enthusiasts that have gone to other mounts
7. Lack of marketing for the A580

I don't judge any of the following reasons above as being good or bad, they are just reasons to a certain degree, and happened - for whatever reason. The point of the post I guess is to say that sometimes really good cameras just get overlooked in the marketplace.

I think that after years have passed, the A580 will go down as on of the best cameras that Sony ever designed, and that owner satisfaction will remain very high years after purchase.

Anyone agree?


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