PowerBook Color Accuracy

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Re: PowerBook Color Accuracy

Bill Trimble wrote:

I haven't worked with the PowerBook, but I'm about 6 weeks into
working with the iMac with the 17" LCD. My camera is Canon & the
printer is the Canon s900; just downloaded & installed the OS X
drivers for that today. Color accuracy is great, and over-all I'm
very pleased with the iMac for photo work, except that I'm having
trouble judging tonal values in PS 7 on screen. With the LCD the
least change of eye or display position changes the viewing angle
and that changes the tonal values of the image, dark to light. From
what I read, the best for photo work is a CRT monitor anyway, and
I'm considering plugging one in to the VGA port supplied by the
Mac. I hate to give up the desk space for that. Does anyone have a
solution. BTW: I had always heard that flat screens lacked the
color range and accuracy of CRTs; I don't see that so far. But the
what the viewing angle does to tone is another matter.

My experience with a 1999 G3 Powerbook agrees with Bill's (on a 17" iMac lcd, see above) regarding the problems of severe brightness and contrast changes as a function of eye position (view angle). From the comments of the others in this thread (who seem to support the use of a laptop for editing) I can only conclude that the lastest models must've enormously reduced the viewing angle problem. Otherwise I wouldn't dream of doing my PS editing on a laptop lcd screen. Tethered shooting is quite another matter--if my camera could do it (it can't) that would be great--even with a viewing angle problem.

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