Simply Electronics store- is it safe?

Started Feb 25, 2011 | Discussions thread
Merowech New Member • Posts: 22
My experience with Simply Electronics

I ordered an NX100 Kit including 20-50mm, 20mm 2.8, and sef15a flash on March 1st and after reading this got a bit nervous. I asked them, if they would include a power plug adapter for Germany, they said, that's usually included.

I got a delivery confirmation in French (??) on March 7th and it arrived today (March 9th) with the adapter. It seems to be the model for China since it includes a Chinese and English manual.

The battery charger works. I was williing to use it in English, but apart from several Asian languages it offers 13 European ones, so I'm happy I can use it in German.

So seems pretty safe, I would use them again.

Hope this helps.


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