Changing the shutter speed after a 1sec exp

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Graham Snook
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Changing the shutter speed after a 1sec exp

From using an EOS 1/1n/1v/1vhs/3/5 all the way to a 1ds to a 1dsmkII if I shot an exposure of over 1 second as soon as the shutter returns I could change the shutter speed straight afterwards and it would change the ss. But not with the 1DS mkIII, or 5D. With these cameras if I take an exposure I have to wait until the image appears on the back screen (usually the length of the Tv) otherwise, if I change the shutter speed with the wheel it won't effect the exposure of the next image.

Habits are hard to break, and sometimes I can change the exposure and nothing will happen to the exposure, I can have 3 or so exposures the same until I realise the error! then I start that shot again.

Any ideas? CFs? workarounds? That might help me shoot the way I used to.

A more details/complex explanation:

I shoot the interiors of boats, small areas, and I shoot them quickly, I have to as the time I get on the boats is usually limited, and there will usually be a journalist waiting to get into the areas I photograph so I have to be quick. Because of the speed that I work I will usually bracket between 4-6 shots depending on the lighting. It's quicker to shoot say 6 images and just select the correct one on a corrected monitor in the comfort of my home or office rather than waste time getting the exposure correct on a freezing boat in the middle of winter, or a sweaty hot boat in the med in the summer. I could run around with my light meter and work out the EV in my head the way I used to when I used to shoot tranny, but I have less time and I make digital work to my advantage.

I also use off camera flash so while I can use AEB + -5 for anything without flash AEB is cancelled when the flash is connected. So AEB isn't an option, it's a lot easier to set the aperture under expose by 1/2 a stop, click, move the shutter wheel 1 notch (+1/2 stop shutter speed), click, move shutter 1 notch, click, move shutter 1 notch, click, move shutter 1 notch, click, move shutter 1 notch, click etc etc, attach the flash and click my way back down. It's a habit I've formed, it's quick, and it has a 100% success rate. All worked well until I switched to the 1DSmkIII. If the ss is over 1 second, now when I change the Tv it doesn't effect the Tv as it used to. Try it!

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