Oops my FZ18 beats my D7000 again!

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Here's your mistake

antoineb wrote:

what bugs me, is that while I consciously bought a DSLR knowing the limitations in terms of bulk, weight, limited flexibility, and need for a solid investment to get good results (my rule of thumb is at least have to spend 2x in lense what the body alone cost), there are lots of people out there who get sold DSLR's as "the ultimation solution".

But for most people, the DSLR is NOT the solution, as with kit lenses it typically delivers nothing stunning, is more complex in many ways, etc. Then these people have a choice of either leaving the thing at home (then it would have been better to give that money to charity), or become DSLR-carrying slaves, or worse, become DSLR cash cows who buy ever more stuff from vendors.

Why would I be a troll? I don't stand to gain anything here. I could not be marketing for Panasonic because the FZ-18 I use is 3.5 years old now, and I find the more recent models rather LESS convenient to use (no joystick), and delivering lower IQ (especially the FZ-100) while having become bigger and heavier. I could not be marketing against Nikon, because I DO get good results, under the proper circumstances, from my D7000 - I would sure hope so when my 85mm f1.4 lens alone cost over $1'500 ie over 3x more than a superzoom camera costs!

I'm not a troll. I just truly believe that DSLR's are NOT for most people, and these people should be aware of that and stay away.

IMHO here is the mistake you make: If you had said, "DSLRs are NOT for me " then few people would have a problem with what you have said. Instead, you seem to think that you know more about what people want than they themselves do. Most people who buy DSLRs know exactly what they are getting and buy them because of it. For example, most people realize that they will need to buy a macro lens for truly great macro photos with a DSLR. Saying that your bridge camera takes better macro photos than a DSLR with a non-macro lens proves nothing about which camera is better and, frankly, just makes you look silly.

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