40D Battery Problems

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Re: 40D Battery Problems

If live-view is active you see the image 'live' on the LCD (like a compact camera), and the viewfinder is blacked out (because the mirror is up).

Normally, I switch to live-view by pressing the button in the center of the rear-dial - though there is a menu setting that can disable this.

I find live-view indispensible on the 40D. It's the only way to accurately focus manually and is excellent for long exposures and macro photographs. The only drawback is that auto-focus in live-view mode is a bit of a kludge (it has to flip the mirror up and down briefly to perform the focus), but then you should be using the viewfinder for that.

What was annoying about my three failed batteries was that they all failed within six months of each other, despite quite different usage patterns (including being used with different cameras). Maybe there is something about the design that causes failure after 3 to 4 years regardless of usage pattern.

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