OM 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 for my E-520?

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OM 50mm 1.4 or 1.8 for my E-520?

I will be visiting an annual photo-fair in a couple of days, in the hope of finding some old manual fixed & fast lenses for my E-520. I really enjoy shooting in atmospheric & dim lit enviroments without flash, so I have 2 problems. First, I'm obviusly not able to use any ridiculous high ISO that would give pleasing results, so the need of a fast prime is great, not to mention the bokeh someone can create with such a lens.

Second problem, my budget is extremely limited, so everything that would cost me more than 80 euros (with a cheap non-chipped adapter) is simply no option...

Actually, I'm rather excited to get a glimpse in the world of lacking AF and having to do everything manually, sounds like great fun

I'm aware that the oly OVF is small, and that I can alternatively use LV with magnification (witch I'm not fond of using more than necessary), or maybe buy an ME-1 magnifier eyecup, which could make the OVF slightly more acurrate.

But back to my question:

after some net research I understand that the later the versions the better, mainly cause of multicoating.

Also have found out on numerous sites for what serial number to look for and how older versions difere from newer ones (Blacknose and so on...)

The thing that interests me is wich will be sharper wide open and better overall on my digital 520!

I've read somewhere that the 1.8 is sharper @ 1.8 and 2.0 than the pricier 1.4 @ the same apertures! And, even if so, is it wiser choosing an older version of the OM 50mm 1.8 than a newer version of the 1.4 one?

Also read some reviews about them used with digital Oly bodies and the results seemed rather disappointing...

Since I didn't yet buy the om> 4thirds adapter, the thought crossed my mind to buy a Nikon AI> 4thirds one. The selection at the fair will surely be larger, maybe a bit pricier, but if it's worth it what the hell. Any suggestions there on old fast primes, or anything else to pay attentin to?

your help is greatly appreciated guys,
thanx in advance

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