AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

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Re: AF comparison between 500D/50D/60D/7D?

Entropius wrote:

I used to shoot with the 350D until recently. (2) is a valid point but (1) and (3) are a matter of technique. You have to focus on a contrast part of the bird (the head/the eye is usually good target), and realize the AF sensors are larger than the points that you see.

Okay, thanks. This is new to me, coming from Olympus, where the AF sensors are small (or, on newer models, selectable), and there is no "distracted by high contrast" problem. (Of course, there is the "accidentally put the little dot on the wrong part of the bird" problem...)

My 50D is better in that respect and has MA. The 60D has the same AF system with no MA (some believe it has magic AF powers). The 7D has more advanced AF system, the 550D/600D - more basic.

What sort of magic AF powers does the 60D have?

If we tell you then we'd have to kill you. :::grin:::

Sorry. Can't add anything to the thread but I couldn't resist this.

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