Is Spyder 2 sufficient for a MBP?

Started Feb 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
martin hopfengart Regular Member • Posts: 101
Re: Spyder2 on newer (Mac) displays

I have a eye1 display2 and its ca. 4 j old. Last week i tryed a calibration on an Lacie CRT and there was a deep green tint. I did a search and find that most color calibration hardware have dye color filters that fade with time. Ups.

So i bought a cheap spyder express and load the free software dispclgui with argyll. The free software allows a lot more tweaking and after some trial i have a valid profile for my monitor.

The problem is with widegamut displays, for a proper calibration you can define a correction table in dispcalgui and you need a real colorimeter like the colormunki photo for ca. 360,- €.

As i understand all the spder3 devices have some correction their proprietary software for wide-gamut build in.

PS. First the argyll-bins dont work with the spyder3 express and so i compiled this from source and this works for me.

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